Right 2 Fitness Unveils New Metabolic Ignition System for Women Over 30
Right 2 Fitness Unveils New Metabolic Ignition System for Women Over 30

Right 2 Fitness Unveils New Metabolic Ignition System for Women Over 30

Right 2 Fitness™, an online fitness coaching company specializing in helping women over 30, has launched its Metabolic Ignition System™. Spearheaded by Derek and Vanessa Lettich, Right 2 Fitness™ promises a simple and sustainable plan to achieve and maintain an ideal body composition through personalized training, nutrition, and support from certified coaches.

Going Full Throttle

Developed by founders Vanessa and Derek Lettich, The Metabolic Ignition System™ is a proprietary three-step system specially designed to help women over 30 speed up their metabolism, which research shows slows down as they age. According to Derek and Vanessa, the primary reason for this is that women lose muscle mass after they hit 30, which then leads to fat gain, fat retention, weight gain, and a less defined figure. 

The problem, they say, is that traditional solutions such as cardio, calorie counting and dieting, can actually make the problem worse, especially if done excessively. To combat this issue, The Metabolic Ignition System™ is delivered via three clearly defined steps; ACTIVATE, which wakes up dormant muscles; BUILD, which consists of specific resistance training exercises designed to build lean muscle fast, and SCULPT; which helps to shed fat, tone up, and promote a shapely figure via meticulously-crafted nutrition plans.

«We saw a big problem in how the fitness industry tries to help women over 30 lose weight,» says Vanessa, one of the founders of Right 2 Fitness™. «Common methods like restrictive eating and doing lots of cardio can actually disrupt important hormones and slow the metabolism further, making women feel frustrated, confused, and trapped in a vicious cycle.»

Getting Personal

The Metabolic Ignition System™ is not only a proven formula, it’s also personalized to each woman. Every client’s individual body type, goals, lifestyle, schedule, and food preferences are all considered when tailoring the training and nutrition program. This customized offering makes Right 2 Fitness™ different from many of today’s online fitness programs, which typically focus on a limited one-size-fits-all approach. 

«We know that every woman is unique and unfortunately there’s just not enough education, resources or trusted information out there concerning women’s health. We wanted to change that,» says Derek Lettich, Co-Founder of Right 2 Fitness™. «Our system takes all of that into account. As well as using a proven framework for success, it’s adaptable to each woman’s individual circumstances, which is why we’ve seen such spectacular results with The Metabolic Ignition System™.»

Shaping Lives

The success stories from Right 2 Fitness™ clients are undoubtedly impressive. Women from all walks of life, including busy professionals and single mothers, have reported dramatic body transformations, and importantly, increased feelings of confidence and empowerment, too. «It`s about so much more than just losing weight and improving health,» says Vanessa. «When a woman feels confident in her body, it affects every part of her life in a positive way — her relationships, her work, her overall well-being.»

With competition hotting up in the online fitness space, Derek and Vanessa Lettich and their exclusive Metabolic Ignition System™ are certainly firing on all cylinders, offering a proven plan and renewed hope to women over 30 who want to take back control of their bodies, reclaim their confidence, and live a life of good health.

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